Rochas Okorocha Is Not My Leader, Not My President

Rochas Okorocha

Vultures are evil birds that are always available, and are at their best, nodding their ugly heads in sadistic happiness, only when the news is about death, decay and the resultant availability of flesh. Former Governor of Imo State and the Senator representing Imo West Senatorial District, Rochas Okorocha on Monday 31st January 2022 formally declared his intention to run for president in the 2023 general election. Okorocha announced his ambition at an event held at the ICC in Abuja. He said he remains the best leader to unite and bring Nigeria together. He said he was the most qualified of all the aspirants jostling for the exalted office of Presidency, going by his antecedents in social empowerment investment across all the six geo-political zones of the country. For me the gathering at the ICC Abuja by Rochas Okorocha and his cohorts is the gathering of the vultures.

The essence of any leadership position is to use one’s experience to work for the good of the overall majority, to create enabling environment for the survival and development of a just and balance society, a society devoid of rancour and unwholesome practices, a society that is free of corruption and bigotries, a society that is built on trust and sincerity of purpose and indeed, a society where ethnic and religious differences does not matter. A leader of any type ought to be honest, truthful, reliable and steadfast. And if we need a good leader for Nigeria in 2023, then Rochas Okorocha is not my Leader and not my President.

It is sad to observe that this former governor of Imo that caused severe havoc to the State’s socio-economic and political advancement and made the State to be walking on crutches, that amputated the state by his corruption, mismanagement and inefficiency is the one staging a press conference in Abuja and declaring his desire to extend his evil, havoc and heavy devastation to the entire Nigeria. May God save Nigeria from vultures in positions of leadership planted by the descendants of Serpents in alliance with some negative internal forces feeding fat on the flesh of the people. Some so-called leaders are worse than vultures; they feed only on living human flesh. They mercilessly corner the resources meant for the development of the entire society for themselves, their families and friends, while the helpless poor masses are left to waste away, dying needlessly of hunger, avoidable diseases and extreme suffering.

These shameless and empty leaders are ruled by extreme greed, short sightedness, deep folly, Corruption and other base considerations like tribe and religion. They lack the knowledge, foresight, patriotism, tact and diplomacy needed to build a modern, organized society. They have become totally besotted by extreme luxury and other paraphernalia of office. They enjoy using the best industrial products of the developed world and like moving about in their fine/well planned cities, but would never think of replicating the good things they use, see or observe in these places in their own societies. Yet, Nigeria is well, if not better, endowed with all the relevant natural resources than some so-called developed world. Okorocha is not my Leader, not my President, I abhor corruption! It deprives the world of resources needed for common good or greater good for all Nigerians. Because Nigeria is dear to my heart and because Nigeria is where my heart is, the mention of Nigeria and corruption in the same sentence riles and agitates me inordinately.

My President in 2023 must possess the ability to think on his or her feet, in addition to possessing local knowledge of Nigeria’s many ethnic regions and their peculiar problems. He must be a good team player, communicator and strategic planner, capable of influencing international opinion through a well orchestrated programme of economic diplomacy. He must have a sound knowledge of the workings of the oil sector, and must be committed to a programme of opening up and creating other revenue streams for the country, especially from the agricultural, steel and other neglected sectors. My President must have on top of his or her agenda the provision of basic social amenities for Nigerians, the rebuilding of dilapidated infrastructure, reduction of poverty as well as the improvement of the quality of life of Nigerians. He must make it possible for Nigerians to experience the true dividends of democracy.My president must have a university degree. He should be able to carry all Nigerians along in the formulation and implementation of government policies. My President must not have previous cases or allegations of corruption against him. He should be willing to demonstrate a track record of selfless service, either from years of working in the private or public sectors. He must not have a background in profligacy and dalliance. He must be a morally and ethically upright personality who should also function as a role model to Nigerians.